Pure and Yttrium Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum Electrode Picture
Electrode name Designation Added oxides Impurity content Molybdenum content Color code
Nature content
Pure molybdenum electrode WP -- -- <0.20 Remainder green
Yttrium-molybdenum electrode WY20 Y2O2 1.8-2.2 <0.20 Remainder blue
Composite electrode -- -- 1.5-3.0 <0.20 Remainder --

The pure molybdenum electrode is the cheapest among all the molybdenum electrodes, but the purity is the highest. Therefore, with the excellent characteristics of high strength , resistant to oxidation under high temperature,long life, well corrosion resistance and difficult to stain glass, these high pure molybdenum electrodes have been widely used in many fields such as daily-use glass, optical glass, insulation material and glass fiber, and received good repute.

Pure molybdenum electrode is suitable for welding with magnesium, aluminum and their alloys in alternating current. When welded, the yttrium-molybdenum electrode produces a slim arc. With a high level of compression, it has a biggest melting depth especially in medium and high currents. At present it is mainly used in military, aerospace industries.

Composite electrode consists of molybdenum and two or more than two rare earth oxides. The added components complement to and bring out the best in each other, leading to a more outstanding welding performance.