Molybdenum Electrode Heating Technology

Molybdenum Electrode Picture

Molybdenum electrode heating technology is a new heating technology which been wildly use in recent years at home and abroad. Molybdenum electrode heating is common heating way of glass and glass containers, bulb, lamb holder and other industries’ glass tank furnace heating system. The basic principle through SCR AC voltage regulates and the step-down transformer give low voltage and high current to molybdenum electrodes. By testing the molybdenum electrode of tank furnace channel’s electric heating testing and observing the normal production, it has the following advantages:
1. Saving energy: its heating power required is half of the silicon carbide heating, and therefore a significant reduction in energy costs.
2. Molybdenum electrode heating is safe and reliable: the electrode voltage is isolated from the power supply. After research found that the glass charged less than or equal to 2.5 volts and production is normal.
3. Excellent regulated performances and the material temperature is stability.
4. As all take gas pump nozzle, thus reducing noise, pollution and improve working conditions.
5. Less investment, so it is easy to maintenance.
6. It can be widely used in somewhere that the gas and oil lack, but electric power can be guaranteed.

Nowadays, the electrode of molybdenum practical applications has rod-shaped and plate-shaped. Rod electrodes can be installed at hot temperature, consider molybdenum electrode life are similar to furnace so the plate electrode installed at room temperature. Molybdenum contact with glass has low resistance and will no cause local high temperature phenomenon and other advantages. but its differentiation performance intensifies at 600 ℃, during nitriding the electrode will due to quick oxidation to loss. Therefore in order to protect molybdenum electrodes should to take the necessary protective measures, at the non-working and work part will need to protection.