Alkali Cleaned Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum Electrode Picture

Alkali cleaned molybdenum electrode is through alkali cleaned technology to process molybdenum electrodes. After alkali cleaned molybdenum electrode surface present gray metallic luster and more smooth than before. Alkali cleaned method also known as "alkali cooking method" which is a chemical cleaning method. The lye is added into water of pot, under a certain pressure to cooling the pot to cleaning the contaminant. First make incrustation soft, and then use mechanical cleaning method to clean contaminant, what’s more the cleaning rate is generally up to 80%. Alkali cleaned method is through make up a high strength lye by sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate or trisodium phosphate. And then to soften, loosen, emulsifying and dispersing sediment of molybdenum electrode so that the electrode surface presents metallic luster, and more smooth. During alkali cleaned, it tends to add some surfactants to increase the cleaning effect. Alkali cleaned is making lye at a certain temperature to cycle, time is generally 6 ~ 12h, it may be prolonged depending on the situation.

Molybdenum electrode according to surface state can be divided into following categories:
Sintered molybdenum electrode: surface present gray metallic luster.
Forged molybdenum electrode: surface has a layer of oxide, so the surface is black.
Alkali cleaned molybdenum Electrodes: gray metallic luster and smooth surface.
Ground molybdenum electrode: silver gray metallic luster and smoother surface with little scale error.
Polishing molybdenum electrodes: it surface is bright and shiny, besides its internal and external is high-quality and crack-free status.