Molybdenum Electrode Physical Property

Molybdenum Electrode Picture

Physical properties is physics jargon, and there are two definitions of physical properties. Firstly, it means that the material does not need to show it nature through a chemical change. Secondly, there is no chemical reaction on substance and it can show its nature called the physical properties. For example: color, odor, status, melt, solidification, sublimation, volatilization, melting point, boiling point, hardness, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, etc., which can detect these properties by instrument. However, there are some properties obtained through laboratory data to calculate, such as solubility, density and so on. In short, the nature of the material before and after the experiment did not change belongs to physical properties.

On the other hand, we should distinguish two concepts which are physical change and the physical properties. For example, when the tungsten filament of lamp energized to light and heat is a physical change. And through this phenomenon we know tungsten filament has conductive, high melting point, uneasily melted and other physical properties. People mastered the physical properties of the material to facilitate their identification and application. For instance, people can be based on different color and density between aluminum and copper to identify them. Besides according to their excellent conductivity so can use them as wire for transmit current.

The molybdenum electrode physical property is as follow:
Density: density of sintered products: ≥9.8 g/cm3; density of pressure processing products: ≥9.9 g/cm3.
Surface: molybdenum electrode surface is silver gray metallic luster and without any defeats at side and angle, but also without delamination, cracks and other defects.
Hardness: the hardness of sintered product (HRA):≥47; pressure processing products hardness (HRA):≥50.
Conductivity: 30% IACS Min.
Packaging: each batch of products wrapped with a moisture-proof paper, packed in wooden cases with filler material around to fix. Label supplier name, product name, weight, quantity and date of produced on the boxes with specified.

There is the relevant specification table as follow:

specification(mm) length(mm) Recommended Application
Ø(16~20) 300~1000 glass metallurgy, rare earth metallurgy and other field
Ø(20~30) 250~1000
Ø(30~45) 200~1500
Ø(45~60) 250~2100
Ø(60~100) 250~1200

(The above specifications are suitable for large-scale product, if you need small specifications product, please contact us!)