Molybdenum Electrode Holders

Molybdenum Electrode Picture

SX Molybdenum Electrode Holders

Nose of SX molybdenum electrode holder is manufactured from solid high temperature resistant alloy using horizontal or vertical installation. Our company provides SX electrode holders, which has no welds at the front of the holder. At the same time, our products are tailored according to customers' requirements.

Scroll Molybdenum Electrode Holders

Scroll molybdenum electrode holder is a more traditional design which provides an economical solution for all general applications. The nose has a scroll groove machined in it; a tube is then fitted over the scroll section and welded at each end, forming a continuous water passage.

Sufficient cooling of molybdenum electrode

Sufficient cooling of molybdenum electrode holder is of the utmost importance. At high temperatures certain atoms - e.g. iron and nickel atoms - diffuse out of the electrode holder into the molybdenum of the electrode, forming brittle and low-melting phases. In order to prevent such problems in electrode holder, and consequently the glass melting electrode as well, must be cooled sufficiently, and the electrode must be completely immersed in the glass melt. Thus, there can occur a melting of the solidified glass layer in the gap, and this can in turn affect the atom-diffusion process described above, by bringing about a direct contact between the glass melting electrode and its holder. Frequent monitoring of the electrical values is important in order to ensure punctual replenishment and thus avoid overheating. In addition, electrode-erosion is influenced by temperature: high temperatures result in increased electrode-erosion and thus in reduced service-life.