Molybdenum Electrode Bar

Molybdenum Electrode Picture

Molybdenum electrode bar has a high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties. At high temperatures, it is anti-oxidation and has high strength so in many areas are widely used. Its production processing steps are as follows: molding, sintering, drape forging and machining.

The physical property of electrode bar are as follows:
Molybdenum electrode bars appearance: silver gray metallic luster and no off side angle, delamination, cracks or other defects, according to user needs can be bent and straightened.
Purity: Mo≥99.93%
Specification: (14-20)×(14-20)×LL≤500mm
Uses: mainly used for electric melting furnaces or electric boosting glass furnaces and glass furnace heating devices

Molybdenum electrode bar can be divided according to material: molybdenum electrode bar, high temperature electrode bar, forging electrode bar, forging electrode bar and TZM electrode bar, their content and appearance characteristics are as follows:
Molybdenum electrode bar: molybdenum content greater than 99.95%
High temperature electrode bar: lanthanum containing 0.4~1.2%, remove the impurities the rest is molybdenum content
TZM electrode bar: Mo-0.5, Ti-0.07~0.12, Zr-0.01~0.04
Sub-forging electrode bar: slight surface oxide film, hammer marks
polish electrode bar: surface showing metallic luster, no oxidation

Molybdenum electrode bar surface oxide removal methods:
Electrode bar has a characteristic which is easily oxidized, if necessary to remove heavy oxides can take acid treatment, such as fluorine acid nitric acid or hydrochloric acid and other. But during the operation pay attention to safety and taking certain safety measures. Remove light oxides can add an abrasive cleaning agent and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, and finally wash with warm water, but cleaned molybdenum electrode bar will lose metallic luster.

Electrode bar of molybdenum need to packaged along in a wooden box with PE foam and other materials required fill the gap to prevent vibration occurs in transit, damage to the product.

Electrode bar can apply in produce vacuum devices and electric light source parts, processing ion implantation parts, high temperature heating element, temperature structural parts, in glass and refractory fiber industry as a furnace electrode and in earth industry as electrode.